Near Set DIT

The role of a near-set DIT is characterized as a hybrid position, encompassing both data management and certain aspects of traditional on-set DIT responsibilities. This role is often employed when productions have budget/specific location restrictions that mean the use of an on-set DIT and it’s requirements are not possible.

Due to the near-set role undertaking tasks related to data management as well as other DIT functions, it is advisable for the technician not to directly handle live camera feeds or manage exposure settings.Instead, the near-set DIT typically focuses on tasks such as overseeing data transfer, ensuring the integrity and organization of digital assets, and collaborating with the camera team members to oversee workflow, camera setup and basic colour management.

By concentrating on data management aspects, the near-set DIT contributes to the overall efficiency of the production process without directly engaging in tasks that might be more appropriately handled by the on-set DIT, such as adjusting exposure or handling live camera feeds. This division of responsibilities allows for a streamlined workflow, with each role playing to its strengths and ensuring optimal performance in both data management and DIT tasks.